Superstitions and Beliefs



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Voodoo is practiced by some of Anathema's members. Many members are very superstitious and may or may not practice certain spells and rituals to attempt to do various things like bring themselves good luck, protect themselves from ailment or harm, or even to try and catch the attention of a fellow pack member. They may also attempt to hex an enemy both inside or outside of the pack, wishing anything from bad luck, bad health, or death upon them. The use of a Gris-Gris and voodoo dolls are common among these members due to their choice of culture. Voodoo dolls can be used against enemies, as well, or with the belief of controlling the actions of another through magickal manipulation.

Even with the pack's recent shift to Wiccan beliefs, many of Anathema's original traditions come from Voodoo, due to the structure Anathema was built upon.



Polygamous mateships and relationships are welcomed within Anathema. It is common for canines of this pack to be poly-amorous and hold feelings for, and/or be mated to, many individuals at one time. Canines may also participate in sexual activities with many different canines at the same time or with many different partners separately. While polygamous mateships like these are uncommon, the pack generally approves of the idea of "free love".


Members may meditate for a variety of reasons. Meditation has been known as a way to relax and help clear one's mind. Members of Anathema might also use meditation to gain a better focus. They may feel that their spells will work better if they were focused on performing them. It is also important to include that meditation is a great time for a member to thank mother nature for all that she has provided.


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Wicca is a religion that has use of magick, incantations, and other various rituals. Wicca is typically known as a "Nature" Religion. Wiccans enjoy peace, harmony, and balance, and their religion allows them to become one with the Earth, instead of just being on the Earth. Wicca follows very fundamental "laws", such as the Rede which states "An it harm none, do as ye will". This means a Wiccan is free to use magick as he or she pleases as long as it does not harm others. There is also the "Threefold Law" that states all good one does will be returned to three times more in this life. All harm one does will come back to them three times more as well.

  • Wicca is not a cult as no Wiccan claims to be a speaker of the gods
  • Wiccans do not worship Satan, as he is a Catholic creation and they don't need an evil deity to scare their members into doing the right thing
    • Doing good and what is right comes naturally to Wiccans
  • Wiccans do not sacrifice animals as it breaks the "Do No Harm" law
  • Wiccans do not use the forces of nature, hexes or spells on others, as it breaks the "Do No Harm" law
  • Wiccans do not steal or control energy, as they pull what energy they need from within themselves

On The Contrary

While Wicca is solely based on using Nature and natural remedies to do 'good', the magick and witchcraft practiced in Anathema is not restricted to that. Due to the pack being a safe haven for those who usually do bad/harmful things, it is often that its members play around with harmful witchcraft as well. Members are free to perform hexes, rituals, and spells in a negative manner as long as they are not performed on other members or allies.