Claiming Specializations

Claiming a Specialization is easy; just complete one relevant thread that adheres to the Completion Guidelines, and then request it using the proper form on the Maintenance thread! The first Specialization claimed will be added onto character's initial rank (ex. Tuyul Venator), and any additional Specializations will be shown using the little shield icons! Members will have the option to switch it to another Specialization two more times.

NOTE: You cannot use Specialization threads for Rank threads, nor can you use Rank threads for Specializations threads!

Which Specializations Can I Claim?

Any character holding a rank in any tier can claim any and as many specializations as they want to! Ex. Warrior-ranked characters can claim a gardener specialization, or a Customs Sentinal-ranked character can claim a healer specialization.

  • Zepar, Adze, Befana and Sut ranked canines cannot claim Specializations due to their young age or lack of standing within the pack.
    • Zepars have the option to rank up after 20 posts are made after their acceptance within the pack! (Soon, my friends!)
  • Members can claim Specializations from any of the groups.
  • Claimable spots per Specialization are unlimited.
  • Members can claim as many Specializations as they want.

Specialization Descriptions

General Specializations

These are 'jobs' given to specific, skilled members to carry out. Given this 'job', a member can lead threads pertaining to their job or task. Ex. Hunter can run pack hunts; Gardeners can hold garden revamping events, etc.


This member is a very skilled hunter.
Duties include: making and setting traps to catch prey, leading pack hunts, making sure pack stores are never running low


This member is a very skilled scout
Duties include: frequent border checks, scent-markings, meeting outsiders at borders (and calling for leadership)


This member is skilled with growing and taking care of plants
Duties include: maintaining Anathema's plant supply, watering, pruning, and feeding plants as well as harvesting them and planting new ones


This member works in the stables taking care of horses and livestock
Duties include: feeding, cleaning, and mucking out stalls of horses and livestock, collecting eggs and milk, & making sure all animals are healthy

Craftsman Specializations


This member works with gems, metal, and bone to create jewelry
Duties include: taking requests from pack members to create jewelry for them, creating jewelry to trade with other packs, creating collars for pets, etc.


This member works with metal under high heat to repair and create weapons for the pack
Duties include: fixing weapons, creating weapons for the pack, creating trainer weapons, and building other things from metal as well (hammers, buckets, dishes, etc.)


This member is a very skilled builder
Duties include: repair/build structures and fences, lead pack building projects, painting structures, etc.


A clothing maker
Duties include: repairing/making clothing from natural materials, yarn, thread, or from piecing together old clothes


This member makes candles from animal fat, natural substances, and wicks
Duties include: collecting materials used for candle-making, creating candles for the pack, and trading candle goods with other packs


This member creates new inventions and studies new medicinal remedies for the pack to use, based on new and old technologies
Duties include: working in a lab, testing inventions, acquiring test subjects to test inventions, presenting new inventions at pack meetings, etc.


This member works with stone to make building materials and useful things
Duties include: making bricks, rocks, and shaping other materials that can be used for building, creating furniture and decorations, etc.

Caretaker Specializations


This member should be knowledgeable in history about Anathema, and be able to tell the pack stories about past occurrences and interesting adventures
Duties include: tells the pack stories about past events in Anathema, interesting journeys, past events in Nova Scotia, and overall just be able to entertain with words


This member should constantly want to entertain members
Duties include: invent fun games, perform plays, and hold carnival-like gatherings, etc.


This member teaches skills to the pack
Duties include: teach reading and writing skills, teach general education subjects to interested luperci, etc.


This member teaches other Anathemans, both young and old, cooking techniques and ways to make food taste better through the use of herbs and spices.
Duties include: gathering spices and herbs, teaching members new recipes, teaching cooking skills to members, etc.

Healer Specializations


This member specializes in working with luperci who have been burned
Duties include: gathering supplies for task, treating burns, using herbs to relieve pain, dressing burns, etc.


This member specializes in using herbs to cure ailments
Duties include: harvesting herbs from gardens & forests, using herbs to treat sick luperci, using herbs to treat sick livestock and animals, etc.


This member specializes in fixing broken bones
Duties include: treating broken bones, setting & straightening broken bones, working with the pack Medic when broken bones puncture skin or become infected, etc.


This member assists luperci in giving birth, is knowledgeable about the birthing process, & has minimal knowledge with medical aid for newborn puppies
Duties include: being present when a member is giving birth, helping with the birthing process, providing minimal medical help for newborn puppies, disposing of miscarried puppies, etc.


This member assesses another's mental conditions by asking them questions
Duties include: asking questions about a member's mental condition, observing behavior outside of a confidential space, providing counseling to those who need it, etc.

Fighting Specializations


This member is skilled in stealth and fighting. These members are highly trusted.


This member is very skilled with swords and a variety of other blades


This member is the best at wrestling and hand to hand combat that doesn't involve weapons


This member educates others in basic self-defense
Duties include: providing training to other members & puppies, constantly training with other masters and updating skill, etc.


A member who is extremely skilled with bows and arrows or crossbows


This member is normally sent out on missions with other members to defend them from attacks. They are also known for saving members.

Law Specializations


This member is trained in questioning and skilled in getting information out of others.


This member works with the Proco and is given the task to cause pain to get the subject to talk.


The member is tasked with watching for rule and procedure-breaking.
Duties include: watching for rule-breaking, constantly being around the territory, guarding the pits, escorting canines to the pits, report findings to one of the leaders, etc.


This member is in charge of 'doing away with' unwanted guests.
Duties include: Executing prisoners and rule breakers upon the leaders' orders

Diplomat Specializations


This member trades goods with other packs.
Duties include: collecting goods made by other members to trade, etc.


This member brings messages to/from other packs
Duties include: traveling often, having minimal relationships with other packs and their members, etc.


This member trades secrets with other packs with some lesser or false information about Anathema

Adventurer Specializations


This member plots areas of interest on a map. This canine is the one to come to when looking to sneak out/into somewhere.


This member steals from other packs and loners to benefit Anathema


With permission from the leaders, this member watches other packs or members to gain information. This canine should have excellent stealth abilities, as well as be very secretive or creative with words.
Duties include: joining other packs under a false identity to gain information, spying on other wolves while staying hidden from sight, etc.

Religous Specializations


This member spends a lot of time looking at the sky at night. They are able to point out specific celestial bodies either for entertainment or religious Wiccan purposes. The Astrum knows which stars, moons and even visible planets are important to Wiccan culture.


This member is able to tell the future using various ancient methods, such as looking at the stars, reading tea leaves, tarot cards, and shells/stones.


This member is a witch that only practices White Magick.


This member is a witch that only practices Black Magick. The Veneficus may also take interest in the use of poisons for various reasons.


This member is responsible for participating in the various Wiccan holidays and rituals Anathema has throughout the year. The Sacerdos may be asked to lead a ritual or prepare the altar for an upcoming one. While covens aren't popular within Anathema, these members may lead a group (or coven) of less than four witches.


This member teaches others about magic and other spiritual aspects of the world.