Thread Prompts

Anathema's Thread Prompts are intended to promote activity, as well as get members to know each other in the pack! These prompts rotate every couple of months, usually ranging from 4-5 basic prompts, and 1-2 Specialty Prompts, if there are any for that time period! Specialty Prompts basically feature either plots, events or holidays happening around that time. By completing these prompts, members can earn a bunch of bonus points!

The Rules

  1. See Completion Guidelines.
  2. Read-Only and self threads are NOT allowed. You must actually engage another roleplayer to be able to collect the points for the thread.
    • Use of pack NPCs within the thread is allowed and encouraged.
  3. Both participants can claim the points for the thread prompt - not just the person who started it :)
  4. Later completion times are not an issue - however, if a thread is completed more than 3 months later, it cannot be submitted for points D:
  5. Prompts can be used for rank threads as long as they pertain to the content required for your rank!

The Prizes

  • Complete a basic thread prompt for 15 points.
  • Complete a special thread prompt for 20 points.
  • Complete all thread prompts (including the special prompts) and earn 30 extra points!

Current Thread Prompts

Basic Prompts

  • Fall is here and the leaves have begun to drop. They will pile up in no time. Why not help keep the streets clean by removing the dead leaves? Or make a big pile to jump into!
  • With the air growing colder by the day, the warmth of the hot springs becomes even more enticing. Enjoy a good soak with your fellow packmates. Just remember, no run by the pools!
  • Winter is coming and Anathema supplies are running a little low. Start or join a pack hunt, salt and dry some meat, or even take advantage of the fish migration to restock Sakana no Puru
  • Are you a craftsman? Caretaker? Maybe a fighter. Anathema has plenty of Specializations that are available and open. Work your way towards the specialization of your choice!

Special Prompts

  • Anathema's relationships to the other packs has been rocky recently. Trade with another pack for items that you or Anathema could use, or help canine from another pack. A minor trade is encouraged, however, if you wish to perform a larger trade (three or more items), please post on the Maintenance board or contact leadership! Items that can be traded can be found on Anathema's Wiki: here, here and here.
  • Remember: Crime is not frowned upon in Anathema as long as it's not committed against a fellow member or a member of an allied pack! Commit a crime by either stealing, destroying, enslaving, using drugs or drugging someone or being violent in some form or another! Please see the Crime page for more details on what is allowed!