Ranks & Promotion

Anathema's ranks are multi-tiered, and canines are expected to hold a particular job. All new members are accepted at the rank of Zepar, and once they complete their twenty (20) In Character posts, they are expected to choose their desired rank tier by posting it to the maintenance thread. From there, members work within the tier of their particular job, aiming to rank up as the highest practicing canine of their rank tier, and then eventually they can be eligible for Council positions, etc.

Note: The duty that your character is to perform must play a key role in the thread. For instance, a warrior could not mention his training in one post and then do something else for the rest of the thread. Warrior and medical ranks are slightly more intense in training than the others and you will have to specifically plot out injuries and partners for training and sparring. Please keep that in mind as you choose a rank tier.

Also, please keep in mind that if you choose to switch tiers later down the line, you must restart your rank threads from the beginner's level tier! It is crucial for your character to learn the skills needed for that tier.

Rank Promotions

Your activity will be looked at on a monthly basis. Post counts will be examined for the board's basic activity requirements, and if you're excelling, you will be granted promotion, but if you've been falling under the recommended post requirement (5 posts per month), you will not be granted a promotion until your post counts improve. Pack rankings will be decided by you; once your character has chosen a tier, make sure you have the required threads to move up in the tier.

Please see our Completion Guide for rank thread requirements.

Rank Descriptions

Below are small descriptions of each rank, and the objectives needed for promotion to the next rank in the tier. Please keep in mind that the objectives are only there as recommendations and possible ideas for you, and you are by no means forced to do exactly what is given. If you have a similar idea, please use it! If you have an idea for a rank thread, but you are unsure if it can be used, please PM one of Us and we'd be happy to confirm it!



The Angelo (male) or Angela (female) is the Leader of the pack. This canine is responsible for all major decisions, and they decide the direction and action of Anathema at all times. They are fiercely protective of all members and their territory. They have the final say in whether a canine is dealt particular punishment for a major crime.

Rakeeb & Atheed

Both of these wolves stand just under the Angela/Angelo, as a Subleader. These members may accept newcomers and help the Angela/Angelo choose council members. If the Angela/Angelo is too busy, they are also the final say in whether or not a member in question is to be allowed to join or be dealt punishment for a major crime.

Special Forces

Anathema's Special Forces are an elite group of members who have varying skills and knowledge. These members are normally tasked with keeping the peace within Anathema, preparing for wars, dealing with intruders and many other missions dealt by Leadership.


The Purson has extended knowledge of war and weapons, known as the Militant Specialist. This rank requires knowledge in weapons, fighting techniques, and war strategies. A canine in this rank works closely with the Rakeeb/Atheed with either training lower-ranked members or maintaining relationships with other packs. The Purson is able to gather members for group training, and also can lead a war with permission from the Angelo/Angela. The Purson makes sure that no laws are broken within the territory, as well as deals out punishments to those who commit minor crimes in Anathema.

  • Worked within the Warrior tier over a long expanse of time
  • Have extensive knowledge of weapons and war
  • Be respected by Leadership


The Bune, or Tactical Advisor, generally is the strategist for most war-related things. This canine may work alongside the Purson in times of war or battles, and can plan minor raids meant to train lower warriors. This canine is usually gifted with thinking 'outside of the box' and will usually be very smart.

  • Worked within the Intellectual tier over a long expanse of time
  • Have extensive knowledge of weapons, war, and war strategies
  • Be skilled in outsmarting your foes
  • Be respected by Leadership


The Corson is best explained as an Intel Specialist, and is normally tasked with duties that include, but are not limited to, spying on other packs by means of going undercover, stalking their borders, sending birds into their lands to report back, etc. This canine is expected to be stealthy and able to move quickly, yet quietly, and keep up with happenings going on in Anathema, the gossip, and the news, and report the important information to Leadership.

  • Worked within the Pioneer rank for a long expanse of time
  • Have extensive knowledge of Anathema and the lands surrounding it
  • Be skilled in stealth and charisma
  • Be respected by Leadership


The Camio is a canine who is particularly skilled in Cavalry. This member is experienced in both fighting atop horses and training them for war. The Camio is expected to understand horses quite well, due to it being a large part of their job. Those chosen for Camio rank usually hold a Specialization in horse care or training and some form of weapon specialization.

  • Worked with warriors' battle skills
  • Worked with horses ie: training them, learning low speech and all around care
  • Has held/currently has a specialization relating directly to horses or weaponry
  • Be respected by Leadership


The Sallos, or Master Tradesman/Diplomat, is sent to other packs to trade, build relationships (trade and others) and deal with minor situations regarding bad blood. The Sallos' main goal is bringing packs together, and discussing so with leadership.

  • Worked within the diplomatic tier or hold a diplomatic co rank
  • Met with at least four (4) other packs
  • Be respected by Leadership


Anathema's Bathin is the wolf everyone goes to for medical aid, known as Anathema's Head Doctor. From midwifery to poisons, the Bathin can help with it all. They also aid in teaching others basic medical skills such as stitches, wound care, and about basic medicinal plants.

  • Currently hold a medical specialization
  • Helped at least two canines with medical injuries (in the form of 2 separate threads)
  • Be respected by Leadership

Specialist Tiers



These members are expected to look into varying subjects associated with their chosen path and explore them. All Tuyuls should know or be in the process of learning how to read and write. A religion-based intellectual may look into Anathema’s religions, such as Voodoo or Wicca, and learn about its laws or rituals. A diplomatic-based intellectual may study ways of persuasive communication and stealth. A research-based intellectual may research many things, such as new technologies for the pack to use, literature, animals, anatomy, or new techniques for varying practices. The Tuyul is tasked with recording many events in writing, and is expected to get used to recording their future findings on paper as well. By the end of their journey as a Tuyul, this member should already know low-speech and be able to speak it well.

Objective Ideas:
  • Learn about a subject of interest, and then teach another pack member about it.
  • Learn about a new technology or technique that the pack can benefit from, such as a new invention or a new training method for the slaves or horses. Use your newfound technology or technique in a thread.
  • Ask another member about Anathema’s rituals or sit in on one while it’s performed. Be sure to take notes about it in writing.



The Iblis is responsible for keeping “diplomatic relationships” with surrounding packs. They may bring gifts to other packs to build relationships, while attempting to find out information about that pack’s relationships, defenses, members, etc. While the Iblis’s job is to collect information for Anathema, it may be done under the cover of “friendship”. The Iblis may use low-speech to get information from the lower animals about the surrounding packs or its members.

Objective Ideas:
  • Bring a few gifts to another pack and attempt to get on their good side.
  • Disguise your scent, meet with a member of another pack, and attempt to get information out of them (either by persuasion or force).
  • While bringing a bodyguard or a friend, spy on another pack's activities or events.


The Oriax is well-versed in communication, stealth, and manipulation. This member has extensive knowledge of other packs' inner workings, and compiles the information collected by the Iblises and Tuyuls for the Angelo. This member is well-studied in subjects of communication, stealth, blackmail, and manipulation, and may share their knowledge with the lower ranked members of their tier. The Oriax oversees the Iblis, and may guide a Tuyul who has chosen the Ambassador path. This member may be asked to pose as a loner, fake an injury, or use some other form of disguise to gain access to information.



The Alloces is expected to have researched a few subjects already since being a Tuyul. These members are expected to know how to read and write, as well as speak low-speech, and record all of their findings in journals. The Alloces is still very much in the learning stage and may have found a few subjects that interest them. These members are expected to regularly provide new techniques or technologies for Anathema’s benefit, whether big or small.

Objective Ideas:
  • Teach another pack member about a subject you’ve recently studied.
  • Ask a higher ranked member about an event in Anathema’s event log book, and make sure the facts are correct (see the Wiki for past events).
  • Present a researched technique or technology to Leadership; will it be a new fad or a flop?


The Andras is the keeper of all information, and is able to do the most with it. The Oriax shares their learnings with the Andras, and these members are able to guide the Angelo into the right direction using their intellective minds. The Andras is also in charge of deciding what information may be traded or given away to allies and enemies.



The Ninurta knows a lot about Anathema’s inner workings, especially its culture and religion. These members study Wicca, Voodoo, or both, and frequently hang around practitioners or sit in on rituals to get a more hands-on learning experience. These members frequently practice and study their religion(s) of choice, and are more than willing to teach others about them too.

Objective Ideas:
  • Educate a pack member about a certain aspect of Anathema's religion.
  • Learn something new about religion; it could be a new ritual, spell, or practice.
  • Perform a ritual for the pack or a member for protection, love, a cleanse, etc.


The Belias is frequently known as the Priest or Priestess, and is well-versed in Wicca, Voodoo, or both (other religions are welcome too). This member is the overseer of all religious events, as well as their peers, such as the Ninurta and sometimes the Tuyul, if they chose the path of religion. The Belias often leads pack rituals, events, funerals, offerings, etc., and will offer lessons in their chosen craft to those who want to learn.



A Dasa is a very basic student of fighting. At this level, they are just beginning to learn how to fight with their weapon of choice and do not have many fights under their belt or are long out of practice. The Dasa can spar with anyone as long as they get their practice in. A canine holding this rank usually focuses most of their time on training, and is not involved in many pack duties except for potentially being used as a bodyguard or a dungeon guard.

Objective Ideas:
  • Pick a fighting style (weapons, hand-to-hand, martial arts, etc.) and receive basic instruction from a skilled fighter for it.
  • Learn basic fighting techniques with either your weapon of choice or fighting style.
  • Defend Anathema or a fellow member by using your fighting style successfully against a foe.



Members who hold the Sitri rank desire a more natural fighting style. These members hone skills in various hand-to-hand defense styles, and are primed for battle when it comes to feral fighting. These members may choose to train in boxing, wrestling, or varying types of martial arts; or they may choose to only fight instinctively in their Lupus or Secui forms (feral).

Objective Ideas:
  • Train with another, practicing hand-to-hand or tooth-and-claw fighting techniques
  • Accompany another member on a diplomatic or trading expedition and make sure no harm comes to them
  • Challenge another to a friendly (or not) duel, where you will use everything that you've learned in training to defeat your opponent (win or lose).


The Shax oversees and trains the Sitri and Dasa using hand-to-hand or tooth-and-claw techniques, wrestling, boxing, martial arts, etc. techniques. Shax are known as Anathema’s brute force because they are the first to take on many odd jobs, such as traveling with traders or maintaining pack-wide peace under the Purson’s orders.



The Marbas is expected to be experienced with combat and weaponry. These members are alerted when intruders or trouble-makers are spotted and are expected to deal with them. They may specialize in many weapons, if desired, and can also be used as bodyguards or dungeon guards.

Objective Ideas:
  • Spar or train with another using one (or multiple) weapon(s) of choice
  • Accompany another member on a diplomatic or trading expedition and make sure no harm comes to them
  • Challenge another to a friendly (or not) duel, where you will use everything that you've learned in training to defeat your opponent (win or lose).
  • Eligos:

    The Eligos oversees and trains the Marbas and Dasa in varying types of weaponry. They should have extensive knowledge of the weapons used by the pack and must continuously study with them. They are also expected to consult with the Oriax to discuss what types of weapons other packs are using, and learn about those weapons too. The Eligos can be used as a bodyguard, dungeon guard, or an assassin if leadership requires it.



    The Furcas begins learning about all the tools of their trade, whether it be in medicine or poison. Many study basic plants, how to care for these plants, and begin learning how mix weak medicines or poisons. This rank is all about exploration, and the more this member learns about their trade, the better they will become at it in later ranks.

    Objective Ideas:
    • Learn about a medicinal or poisonous plant in Anathema’s pack garden, and care for it
    • Add a medicinal or poisonous plant to Anathema’s pack garden (be careful!)
    • Mix a poultice or poisonous substance to add to Anathema’s pack storage for later use.



    Members who have chosen this path learn that not all plants are for healing. By this time, these members may have already dabbled in making poisonous concoctions or taking care of a few poisonous plants. The Ose begins to learn how to apply their knowledge of poison to harm others. These members continue their studies of poisons, but instead, now study how the body reacts to their concoctions. They may test on loners or lower creatures in the neutral lands by poisoning them and watching the reaction of their concoctions take their toll on their victim. The main focus of the Ose is to learn all about poisons and their uses for Anathema’s benefit.

    Objective Ideas:
    • Mix a strong poison from either the pack garden or an outside plant source and use it on a loner or lower creature to see its effect.
    • Add a new poisonous plant to Anathema’s pack garden, and participate in its care.
    • Set a trap that utilizes an area-deployed poison, such as dried Foxglove or Angel’s Trumpet, and lie in wait until someone walks into it.


    The Nagas has extensive knowledge poisonous plants and their uses in making poisons, utilizing poisons in traps, weapons, and even slipping them into the food of another. Warriors often seek out the help of the Nagas for their supply of poison-tipped weapons and poisonous traps. These members watch over the Ose and even the Furcas, and offer them instruction on their tasks, and are the first ones to approach when planning revenge on a foe.



    By this level, the Volac begins to learn about medicines, and can check the health of their fellow pack mates. They frequently work with plants for their herbal remedies, and are able to treat minor injuries, such as small cuts, minor burns, animal bites, and early infections without the Empusa's supervision. The Volac begins to learn more about making poultices, salves, pastes, and even teas to treat the sick and injured. These members may work with the pack Herbarius to learn more about plants, their care, and their uses.

    Objective Ideas:
    • Mix a strong herbal remedy from either the pack garden or an outside plant source, and offer or sell it to the sick or injured
    • Add a new medicinal plant to Anathema’s pack garden, and participate in its care
    • Treat an injury of another Anatheman or canine outside the pack


    The Empusa is in charge of overseeing the healers and treats all types of injuries. They are well-studied in medicinal plants, herbs, and their uses; and often make medicines for the pack and for trade. They are the canine to come to when needing extensive medical care. The Empusa may sometimes specialize in tattoos and scarification because they know the best care to treat these body modifications, and will offer this service to others for a price.



    The Seere is a trainee in domestic life. Whether their chosen path be animal husbandry, caretaking, or labor, the Seere begins with dabbling in small tasks around Anathema. This canine is often a Luperci, due to the requirement of hands when using varying tools to get their tasks done. This member is expected to learn Anathema inside and out, and be aware of varying tasks that need to be done around the territory. The Seere may be asked to maintain varying structures by reinforcing doors, windows, or furniture, or be asked to watch puppies, or muck the stables. The main focus of the Seere should be to choose a path that calls to them the most.
    Objective Ideas:
    • Perform a maintenance task around Anathema, whether it be reinforcing a doorway, window, or piece of furniture in the Castle or a pack mate’s house
    • Clean out the stall of a communal animal in the stables, and provide them with fresh food and water
    • If there are puppies in the pack, give the parents a break and watch over a puppy or two!



    The Foras is tasked with watching over those who need care. This is often, but not limited to, puppies. The Foras can watch over sick or injured pack mates and the elderly as well, and provide basic care such as first aid, providing them with nourishment, or helping them move around. These members are needed for periods of time stretching from an hour to overnight, depending on the situation and the requirement. In the time that the Foras watches over puppies, they may play with or teach life lessons to young ones. In the event that the Foras is needed to watch over the sick, injured, or elderly, they may sit in with them for a while to keep them company while they provide whatever care is needed.

    Objective Ideas:
    • Watch over a puppy or a sick, injured, or elderly member, providing them with food, water, and company.
    • Help an injured or sick pack member with a general task.
    • Teach a puppy (or a pack mate, if there are none) the basics of a non-immediate skill (reading, writing, how to speak better, a language, etc.)


    The Ipos is the overseer of the Foras and makes sure that they are doing their tasks correctly. The Ipos may also be tasked with taking care of more severe cases of injury, such as rehabilitating a severely injured member or permanently caring for an extremely frail Ronwe. The Ipos is also responsible for teaching young Anathemans domestic skills that they will need later in life, such as how to hunt, prepare their meals, cook, etc.

    Animal Husbandry


    The Tengu begins their journey learning about livestock animals and their care. This member observes animals often, learning about their behavior, and is often found cleaning the stables and providing fresh food for Anathema’s communal livestock. By request, the Tengu may be asked to take care of a pack mate’s horse or other animal kept in the stables. The Tengu is expected to study and read about animal care, and then use what they’ve learned as practice. These members are at a practice stage, and are expected to be interested in improving. The Tengu may occasionally consult with the Alloces for new techniques on animal care or training.

    Objective Ideas:
    • At the request of a friend, clean out their animal’s stall and provide them with new food, water, and bedding
    • Train a communal animal to be more obedient
    • Consult with the Alloces about new care or training techniques, and then put them to use


    The Xaphan is well-versed in animal care and training, and often educates the Tengu on the right techniques to use. The Xaphan and the Andras always discuss new techniques and technologies to use when new information is found. The Xaphan often tests the new information, and if it is useful, teaches it to the Tengu. With the Xaphan’s extensive animal care knowledge, this member may care for sick or injured livestock, or help with new animal births.



    The Bael is often tasked with small jobs around Anathema. Like the Seere, the Bael often performs maintenance tasks around the territory. These members are expected to study and practice types of carpentry, architecture, and construction, and eventually hone these skills to be able to help repair and build up various parts of Anathema. Being the beginner stage, the Bael might be requested to repair many things such as ceilings, doorways, furniture, and walls. These members may also be requested to help in Anatheman projects and expansions.

    Objective Ideas:
    • Clean out the debris of a location in Anathema, and check the location for stability and usefulness
    • Bring a fellow, knowledgeable pack mate and begin planning to rebuild the location; make sure to pinpoint weaknesses and strengths in the structure’s foundation!
    • Bring a few pack mates and begin reconstructing this location
      • OOC-assumption of some of this task is OK, given that it’ll be a long process to finish


    The Ronove is well-versed in building structures such as stables, simple shelters, and reinforcing larger structures, such as the Blackmoor Castle and varying houses and small buildings littered around Anathema’s territory. The Ronove often leads varying pack projects, and may be consulted by fellow members that want expansions or repairs done to their shelters or by the Leadership that wants certain structures built or reconstructed. The Ronove may work with varying mediums ranging from wood, to stone, to even clay.



    The Raum is expected to learn all about the bartering business through means of fellow traders, literature, and the Vaul. This member is urged to study persuasive communication in order to strengthen their bartering skills. The Raum often accompanies other experienced traders to observe and learn the ropes. These members may be sent to the Outpost to trade for pack-requested items.

    Objective Ideas:
    • Accompany an experienced trader to trade, observe the exchange, and learn as much as possible
    • Demonstrate your bartering skills by trading with another pack or loner
    • Visit the Outpost to observe how the other traders barter. Bring back a useful item for personal or pack gain


    The Vaul is considered the official tradesman of Anathema because they deal with all trade coming in and going out. Members who wish to trade items from the pack storage must check in with the Vaul first. This member may travel with the Oriax or Shax to further build trade relations with other packs, and may also consult with the Ronove to gather the best items for gifts and high-end trades.

    Lower Members

    Ronwe (unlimited): The Ronwe are the elders of the pack. They are wolves of great knowledge and experience, and are looked up to by other members. The elders have no real duties, having retired to this rank from their previous tier, but may assist other members freely.

    Objectives for Promotion: GO BACK IN TIME xD

    Zepar (unlimited): This is the rank given to new members of the pack. Their duties include carrying messages between packmembers, leaders, and members of other surrounding packs/clans, and serving as basic scouts and hunters. They may also begin to decide what tier they would like to begin. They need to prove their reliability in order to move up to one of the main rank tiers.

    Objectives for Promotion: Make 20 IC posts in which your character hunts, scouts, and meets packmembers. Once you have made your 20 IC posts, choose a rank tier for your character to go into.

    Abdiel (unlimited): Personal Slave. This canine is the property of particular member within the pack and is treated better than Suts. Only minimal respect is required.

    Objectives for Promotion: Freedom granted by Master.

    Nybbas (unlimited): Public Servant. This canine is a servant to the entire pack. While puppies can also use the Nybbas to their advantage - the Nybbas is not allowed to take them outside of Anathema or more than 5 miles from their parents, unless granted adult permission. Members are free to give this canine orders within sensible boundaries. A Nybbas is also treated better than a Sut, but only minimal respect is required.

    Objectives for Promotion: Freedom granted by Leadership.

    Sut (unlimited): Omega. The Sut is the lowest of the pack. They have fallen out of favor and may be made fun of by other pack members, jeered, and given the last or worst of everything that the pack has until they return to their last rank or leave the pack.

    Objectives for Promotion: Based on leader discretion.


    Befana (unlimited): Older pups of the pack, aged 5 months – 7 months.

    Adze (unlimited): Younger pups of the pack, aged 0 months – 4 months.